The Importance Of Fairness On The Classroom Essay

The Importance Of Fairness On The Classroom Essay

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Promoting fairness in the classroom not only gives the teacher respect but also gives the students a sense of safeness and trust within the classroom. Creating an environment that revolves around fairness, trust and respect will be beneficial to all of the children in the class. The terms respect and trust are pretty straightforward. There doesn’t need to be a debate on what those two mean, but the same cannot be said for fairness. When one usually hears the word “fair” it is often looked at as synonymous to the term “equal” but the two are not the same, especially in a classroom setting. The term fairness on the classroom level means that the individual students are given what he or she may need in order to be successful; fairness does not mean the same things are being provided to each student. Students need to be given every opportunity to thrive, and for students with a disability/disabilities this will mean that some accommodations have to be made. Fairness needs to be exhibited throughout the classroom and it is important to keep in mind there are different kinds of fairness that need to be considered. You can look at fairness in academic or behavioral sense and finding a balance is important for students.
The issue of “fairness” comes to a head in full inclusion classroom because students with disabilities are expected to learn the same material and curriculum as their classmates. Accommodations will help students achieve these academic goals, which can be instructional or environmental changes that help students to successfully understand and respond to the regular curriculum. These kinds of accommodations may be a change of seating in the classroom, sitting up front during story time or allowing more time on an exam. F...

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...accept assistance for certain tasks helps improve peer-to-peer interactions and social skills.
As a future teacher, I want to do my best to accommodate all students in the classroom. Children have the right to learn, no matter their disability or difficulties in learning. In addition, I feel that teaching children with disabilities in the same classroom as regular students provides life lessons that all students will take with them throughout their lives. Children deserve and are entitled to teachers who will do everything in their power to help them realize their potential every day. Modifications and accommodations are there for students who need them; there is a purpose for them. What may be fair to one student may not be to the other, but it is my job as a teacher to be fully prepared to explain myself for choosing certain actions when differentiating lessons.

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