Essay about The Importance of Fables

Essay about The Importance of Fables

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A fable is a narrative that teaches a moral through the use of animals as the main character. Fables toy with the idea of human vanity. Fables are very popular in children’s literature as it teaches children lessons while keeping them interested with the animal characters. Fables were westernized through the help of Aesop. It is unknown whether or not Aesop was a real person but is viewed as one of the fathers of fables. Modern editions contain up to 200 fables and are growing.
I am writing this paper in order to inform you, the reader, about the importance of fables. Fables play a key role in our society. Fables depict what is morally right and wrong. Fables influence children at a young age to behave properly. In conclusion, fables are a key part in growing up and should be read by everyone.
The Search:
During the 3rd quarter of my senior year I was asked to do an I-search paper on fables. Unbeknownst to me at the time, an I-search paper is an alternative to the standard research paper that allows a student to identify an area of inquiry that has some relevance to his/her own life. At the time, I had a basic understanding of what a fable was. In order to write this paper I needed to further research fables.
To begin with, I decided to research the history of fables. My English class took a trip to the library to research our topics. Halfway through scouring the internet for information the school lost power for about 15 minutes. On a normal day I would have been happy about the interruption except that I needed the computer for my research. Luckily, the power issue was resolved shortly and I was able to use the computer. Through the internet I discovered a plethora of information about the development of fable...

... middle of paper ...

... right and wrong. To others, they are just important as they helped them develop their sense of morals. In conclusion, I believe that fables are the alphabet of society (Chesterton, par. 20) and should be read by everyone.

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