The Importance Of Exercising On Blood Pressure Essay

The Importance Of Exercising On Blood Pressure Essay

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Upshot of exercising on blood pressure
BIOL 1612l, Section 346
Georgia perimeter college / R. SOCCI
Written by: Derick Totchum
Lab partners: Ryan Slack, Ashley Jackson, Jacob meadows
Submitted: June 23, 2015


According to Wikipedia, (BP) or blood pressure is the “resulting pressure as blood circulates upon the walls of blood vessels”; however pulse is the “tactile palpation of the heartbeat by trained fingertips”. In adults, a blood pressure of 120/80mmHg would be considered healthy. Ventricular contraction, also known as systolic pressure is the pressure exerted on blood vessel walls during a ventricular contraction. Diastolic pressure is the minimum arterial pressure reached during vessel relaxation. (Wikipedia.2015)
The mean arterial pressure is the pressure that pushes the blood through various tissues ( Mitchell & Marie E, 2013). Stroke volume, somewhat similar to cardiac output, is the amount of blood pushed out by one ventricle per single beat (Chandran et al, 2012). It is calculated by taking the variance of the end diastolic volume to that of the end systolic volume (Chandran et al, 2012). The end diastolic volume is the volume of blood that gathers in a ventricle during diastole (“relaxation”), while the end systolic volume is the amount of blood lingering in a ventricle after the ventricle has contracted (Chandran et al, 2012). MAP is the product of the cardiac output and the resistance (Chandran et al, 2012). Resistance is the “opposition to flow and is a measure of the amount of friction blood encounters as it passes through the vessels” (Susan Mitchell& Marieb E, 2013). Cardiac output (CO), alternatively, is defined as the volume of blood boosted by each per minute (Marieb & Susan Mitche...

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...g, caused by fatigue in that specific arm. Having subject perform the baseline test while lying down could enhance qualitative results in the experiment. Sitting down limited proper blood flow to bottom of the leg and could have cause reading to be higher that it should have been.
This experiment clearly painted how heart rate and pulse rate can be affected by rigorous exercises, posture and cardiovascular fitness.

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