The Importance Of Exercise Or Activity Level / Fitness Essay

The Importance Of Exercise Or Activity Level / Fitness Essay

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A. Describe two domains in which you believe demonstrate healthy behaviors.

Exercise or activity level/Fitness: As I go through my day, I have been indirectly doing my fair share of exercise by engaging on daily walks and stair climbing. I am proud to say that I was able to log 65,387 for the week or roughly 9,341 steps a day using my iPhone pedometer app before I retire to my bed. Not only did I walk, but I also recorded 120 flights of stairs for the week or nearly 17 flights of stairs a day, after all, our acute care, physical therapy office is located on the 4th floor, and the patient wards are on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Besides, I do not use the elevator. These were my daily work routine. Furthermore, after dinner, I also walk around the neighborhood with my wife, to encourage her towards fitness. Equally important is nutrition. I consume at least a bowl of oat bran every morning to provide me that much-needed fiber and carbohydrates, to have a healthy start on my day. Also, at least 3-4 servings of vegetables a day, two for lunch and two for dinner. These edibles are called, "great greens" which includes the following greenery, Arugula, baby spinach, kale and baby lettuces. I combined all these green vegetables with cherry tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, onions and garlic olive oil for a healthy salad. As for my protein, I eat at least a serving of pan grilled salmon, or tilapia, and roasted chicken for dinner. I consider myself a "picky" eater since I watch what I eat. There is a saying that goes like this "You are what you eat". Likewise, I love fruits, and I eat at least one to two pieces of persimmon, apples, banana and pears on a daily basis.

B. Describe two domains in which you would like to improve your health behaviors...

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...him. As opposed to another patient, who lives in the rural area where plenty of fruits and vegetables are available, it is more comfortable for him to follow a healthy diet. As for me, I was fortunate that there is a local farmer 's market located a few blocks away from where I live, where I can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, which supports my healthy eating habit. Social and economic influences are very crucial factors in determining access to good health. (Crist, McVay, & Marocco, 2013, p. 10) Suggested the importance of socioeconomic status particularly the role of education and income. Furthermore, (Public Health of Canada, 2008) inferred that income, education, and relatedness have a direct influence on health.

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What relaxation technique or strategy can you suggest that I do to improve my mental wellness?

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