The Importance of Establishing a 'Green' Work Environment Essay

The Importance of Establishing a 'Green' Work Environment Essay

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Recently, people have started hearing the phrase “going green” everywhere; on the news, in magazines and even on billboards. To illustrate this point we are reminded to turn off the lights before we leave a room, use less hot water, purchase energy-efficient appliances. These are all great ideas and ones that should be incorporated into our work environments. Going green in the workplace can save employers money while benefiting the environment. Some of the key factors to keep in mind when choosing to go green at work include:
• The benefits of a green work environment
• How a green workplace can improve efficiency.
• Eco-smart supplies and equipment
One of the key benefits to having a green work environment is cutting company costs. This can be accomplished in many different ways and it only takes a small step to get started in the right direction. Making changes such as energy efficient lighting, adding motion sensors to turn off the lights when the room is not in use and switching to LED types lights helps to lower costs (Barrett, A., 2008). Lowering thermostat controls in the winter or raising them in the summer a few degrees can help drastically. In addition to that, turning off computers and unplugging cell phone and PDA charger while not in use help contribute to energy conservation and lower electricity costs.
Additionally, another benefit of a green work environment is the ability to recruit and retain eco-friendly employees. Employee loyalty is boosted when they witness the company they are working for using good business ethics. A company can also build employee morale by getting them involved in the green process; this includes employee education, goal setting, for both the company and its employees, and offe...

... middle of paper ... about 2% high than traditional building costs and maintenance is about 6% high than traditional costs, however the return on investment saves from 25 – 30% on energy expenses for the average business. However if you aren’t planning on expanding or building new, some ideas for improvements could include: paints that emit fewer toxins, eco-friendly insulation made form recycled jeans, solar panels and using more sustainable lumber such as cedar, cork or bamboo.
In conclusion, businesses have ample options available when choosing to go green. Whether it is cutting company costs by switching to energy saving fixtures and products; improving efficiency while reducing waste or choosing to build greener workplaces they are all good steps in the right direction. Setting goals and getting the employees involved is an important step in achieving a green work environment.

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