The Importance of Effective Communication within Doctor- Patient Relationships

The Importance of Effective Communication within Doctor- Patient Relationships

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The importance of effective communication within Doctor- Patient relationships.
Upon setting out on this placement, it was my intention to study the communication methods and the effectiveness of such by doctors within the multidisciplinary team in order to prepare this assignment. Whilst on placement I was assigned to an On Call Registrar assigned to many consultants at the time. This wasn’t particularly ideal as continued contact with patients was not available to me, however there was one patient I recall whom I gained a lot of insight from. We were called to the extension ward of A&E where we were presented with a young woman, 19 years of age. She had been sent across from her GP with severe posterior flank pain. A urine test was performed at the surgery which proved positive for blood, protein and nitrates. During examination of this lady she had a slightly elevated temperature, her blood pressure and pulse were normal and she appeared to be in discomfort upon palpation of the area. Other than this she appeared fit and well, enjoyed a normal busy social life, consumed alcohol every other weekend and was studying health and social care at college. A case history of the patient was taken whereby it was discovered that three previous UTI’s in the past five months had occurred and were treated, however the patient claimed on this occasion a urinary sample wasn’t taken and tested at the GP surgery. At this point of contact we were unaware that this was not the case. The surgery had in fact had the results for the urine test, which were positive for infection. During discussion with the registrar, we decided that the probable cause of this admission was an upper UTI, but because of the nature of the presentation and the r...

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