Essay on The Importance Of Education Coursework And Management Skills

Essay on The Importance Of Education Coursework And Management Skills

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we provided, once we left the room, it fell apart. She didn’t have the same presence we did. She also didn’t have some of the same opportunities or experiences with inner city schools and students that would have helped her be more successful in her class. The lack of education coursework and management skills also hurt her as well. She was not renewed for a second year and was devastated. But the story doesn’t end there- she didn’t give up. She took the experiences that she learned from her first year, the feedback we gave her on ways to improve and she finished her education degree. The next year she took a teaching position in another local district and I kept up with her via social media. She had a much better second year- better classroom management, a better fit. Three years later, she is still teaching and now working with students in the Chicago area.
My second situation was the co-worker of the above teacher. She was also a Teach for America teacher, and was also working on her Master’s degree and getting certified during her first year of teaching. Her background was theatre and she was now teaching with fifth grade students. She did have her fair share of struggles with her students, but had a better management system and a different disposition than the first teacher and made it through. During one of my conversations with her during her prep time, she was sharing her concerns about her students and what she wanted to do. She was able to do this with me, as we had a good working relationship, and she could ask without fear of judgment and to see if she was on the right track. She had concerns about one of the boys in her class. While he was a good student, he did struggle at times and she was convinced t...

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...cial conversations are taking place. I learned from one of my former administrators a long time ago that you have to do what’s best for students first. Even if that means more work up front for me in the classroom, and how I make my choices- their best interest (not demands, not wants) but what will make them the best teacher when they leave.
Overall, I learned a lot about having these conversations, as well as reinforced some of the things I am already doing. These types of conversations are not always easy, but with planning and thinking things through (when you can’t plan) makes them more successful in the end. I aim to be that person who wants to find the strengths in others, and help them use them to strengthen their weaknesses. I plan on continuing to reflect and gather feedback from my performance as well to be a better evaluator and future administrator.

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