The Importance of Education: Causal Argument on Retention Rates at Skyline Community College

The Importance of Education: Causal Argument on Retention Rates at Skyline Community College

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“A human being is not attaining his full heights until he is educated” this anecdote written by Horace Mann, explains the significance education has in today’s society. In order to acquire a career and be successful, individuals need to be educated. Global competition for jobs is very common in today’s century, individuals are not only competing with local people, but also people worldwide. The prerequisites for jobs keep changing through time and the demands for jobs also keep increasing. It is the responsibility of the schools to motivate and retain its students on *the journey of acquiring an education in order to prepare them for future responsibilities. Universities, Community Colleges, along with High Schools are the main source of motivation for students to continue pursuing their career goals and retaining students in school. Furthermore, the importance for an education is immense, it shapes who you are as an individual and can gradually be a door opener to great opportunities in the future. Education is a human right in America, and should be taken advantage of when it is available. Unfortunately, other individuals in different countries are not blessed with this opportunity, due to their financial status, lifestyle, health etc. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the retention rate, which is the amount of students attending College to acquire their education. Although, there are various numbers of reasons that may prohibit retention rates from increasing, which induce the rise on drop out rates and prohibit students from attending school, it is the school’s responsibility to encourage the continuation of acquiring an education. The reason for Skyline College’s retention rate remaining constant is caused by variou...

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...emicals goals are met. The importance of education is on the hands of the individual and the school community they are part of, because education is the key to our future, students and administration should establish more time to increase retention rates at our local Skyline Community College. “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself” –John Dewey.

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