The Importance Of Dual Language Programs For Children 's Progress And Success

The Importance Of Dual Language Programs For Children 's Progress And Success

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Teachers play a very important role in the children’s progress and success. It is very important for teachers to use strategies to meet students’ needs. Dual Language teachers can implement different strategies to help students understand concepts, skills and strategies. Some of these strategies can be used with all students and others are more specific and need to be used with small group or individuals. According to Chad (2008), instructional grouping plays a very important role in the progress of students. In order for students to fully benefit from their education, teachers need to have whole group, small group and individual lessons using the pertinent strategies. Students should also be able to select some of the activities that will take place; which will allow students to stay interested and will make them feel a true part of the academic progress.
In order for Dual Language programs to be successful, teachers need to be able to implement strategies and interventions to support students’ learning. Before teachers are able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of students, they need to assess them formally and informally. Teachers need to be aware of the tools being used to measure progress. After using an instrument to measure students’ progress and development, teachers need to analyze the data obtained to see of it correlates with the performance they observe in class. In a case study performed with preschoolers by Guiberson and Rodriguez (2011), they observed many difficulties that are present when teachers try to assess language and literacy development in bilingual children. They found out that teachers need to use multiple methods of assessments in order to accurately measure student progress. Teachers need to g...

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...dvantage of the parents and communities in order to advance their students’ academic, social and emotional abilities. Michael-Luna (2013) explains that school systems need to approach and incorporate parents to make them feel like a valuable asset in their children’s learning. Teachers and other staff need to invite parents to school and provide activities that are suitable to the parents’ abilities and that will enrich the students. Schools also need to provide parents with strategies and information so they are able to support students. When parents feel welcome they are more willing to share information regarding their children’s performance and development, which in the long run will aid teachers and school to meet students’ needs. When parents become involved in a greater way, schools are able to use them as an instructional tool to further students’ education.

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