The Importance of Data Visualization Essay examples

The Importance of Data Visualization Essay examples

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We acquire more information through vision than through all of the other senses combined.” “The 20 billion or so neurons of the brain devoted to analyzing visual information provide a pattern-finding mechanism that is a fundamental component in much of our cognitive activity”, according to Colin Ware, in his book Information Visualization. (Ware, 2013)
Better decisions are made when backed by information reducing the uncertainty rather than the intuitive approach. It becomes overwhelming when the information comes from various sources in different formats presented in a variety of ways. The opportunity to enhance the situational awareness and aid decision-makers increases if such information can be visually represented effectively. Visualization is often considered to be an effective way of communicating information. This can be achieved by sending across the right / intended message to a particular receiver(s) through visuals. (Summers, Jones, & Flo, 2005)
Effective data visualization tools / techniques provide meaningful visualization of data which enables “nontechnical” users take quick decisions, reducing their time to interpret / analyze enormous data. Better decisions can be taken with precise data, reducing the uncertainty.
Edward Tufte in his seminal work The Visual Display of Quantitative Information explains, “Graphics reveal data”. “Indeed graphics can be more precise and revealing than conventional statistical computations.” (Tufte, 1983)
According to a research survey conducted by TDWI only 7% of the 453 respondents to the survey are “very satisfied” with their ability to view and interact with data visually so as to communicate information effectively and make decisions based on information represented by graphi...

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...k great in the initial analysis but might not produce the intended result for the organization. Visualizations with this ability to drill down to more thorough data can prevent executives take arbitrary / subjective decisions. (SilkRoad, 2013)

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