The Importance Of Crime And Its Influencing Distribution On An Ordinary Citizen

The Importance Of Crime And Its Influencing Distribution On An Ordinary Citizen

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« What is crime? » is the general question of this class but also the principal inquiry for my final paper. First of all, I search to understand the meaning of the crime not in order to prevent or fight crime in the immediate future, but I search for the reply to the question, Why some of us ( become) are criminals, and some are not, in case of being ( finding themselves) in the same conditions. Which are the guidelines and the rules limitation, as well as the psychologic explanations of the possibles factors, which will lead someone to commit a crime. The next step will be the description of the correlation between the criminals and Media, as on the opposite side between the media and the spectator.
It 's important to state the correlation between the spectator ( population) and criminal, through the media influence.
I hope this paper can be useful and will bring some kind of an explanation about crime and its influencing distribution on an ordinary citizen, through the media.
Having some personal knowledge about the field of fictional crime, organized crime and mafias if speaking about the reality, my implication will be to give a different and critical opinion about criminology’s development, including the theoretical and practical parts of it. The objective of this term paper is also to understand the crucial influence of the United States of America and its justice system, broadcasted in the whole world, while constructing a critical and realistic analysis.

This censorious representation will concern the disastrous and horrible consequences of the media’s attention to any particular crime.

« Criminal acts are by definition prohibited by laws that are supposed to represent the collective conscious of the population. » ...

... middle of paper ...

...he medias, while the broadcasting of the feature film, or a TV show, the impression of the spectator is just diferent after the show, than it was previously: “ The criminal law is thus an appropriate topic for investigation because it is the result of human decisions (and a political process) rather than reflecting an objective reality. We believe that there are real harms, so the criminal law does not create crime from nothing. Instead, the criminal law does not provide an adequate ‘mirror’ of injurious acts; it seriously distorts the relationship between crime and harm the way a carnival mirror in a fun house distorts the image of people standing in front of it. Street crime gets magnified and white collar crime becomes smaller.”  

Speaking in particular about white collar crime, I would like also to admit the fact related to the unequal financial situation in USA.

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