Importance Of Cosmetic Packaging Essay

Importance Of Cosmetic Packaging Essay

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Packaging plays a great role in the branding of cosmetics products. The overall look of a cosmetic product is one of the most important determinants of it market appeal, besides its quality. Cosmetic packaging should be easy to brand. It should allow the name for the product, the brand and other necessary information like composition, usage instruction and warnings to be printed as required. The container should be designed in such a way that they can allow the product to come out but not go in. this is to prevent the contamination. Almost all cosmetic products have a seal or a component which is broken when they are opened for the first time. This ensures that the product is brand new and hasn’t been tampered. The four main aspects that matter for the selection of a cosmetic container ate the type of container, compatibility, functionality and the protection of the product.
When choosing a container for your product the physical, chemical and biological properties need to be considered. They are as follows:

Physical Properties
• The material should be impervious to any possible contaminant, for example solids, liquids, gases, vapours or microorganisms.
• The container must be able to withstand with heat if processing including sterilization
• The surface must be capable of clear labelling, often difficult with plastic.
• The packaging must have a suitable size, thus rubber may present problems if it perishes
• The material must protect from light i.e. it must be ultraviolet absorbent
• The container must not absorb substances from product. E.g. absorption of water from creams into cardboard

Chemical Properties
• The container and the closures should not react together, either alone or in the presence of the product. This can o...

... middle of paper ...

...large containers.
Weight, Dimensions, volume: it is a legal requirement to maintain the weigh/volume of the product mostly shown in millimetres (mm) or grams (g) for both solids and liquids. The small packaging materials i.e. sachets or capsules it is not mandatory to declare contents under 5g or 5ml. Multipacks are mostly stated on each pack not to be sold separately.
Solubility is a measurement of how much of a substance will dissolve in a given volume of a liquid. The liquid is called the solvent. Viscosity is a substance which can increase the viscosity of a liquid without substantially changing its other properties.
Colour, smell and clarity depend on the product marketing. The key ingredients may have an effect on the product that could be the selling point. For example product that has lavender extracts may have the fragrance of lavender or the colour purple.

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