Importance Of Configuration Control Building Construction Project Essay example

Importance Of Configuration Control Building Construction Project Essay example

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Importance of Configuration Control in a Building Construction Project
Fundamentally, construction projects can be viewed as grouped collections of information and data that require convenient and appropriate storage, organization and distribution to those needing them. Configuration control comes across as a means of signifying changes between the updated and previous version of prints and drawings. In the current paper, I will reflect on the importance of configuration control in a construction project. Configuration control is a critical aspect of a construction project because of the need to organize, store and distribute new information and data correctly and timely to all those who need them.
Importance of Configuration Control in a Building Construction Project
In understanding what configuration control entails in a construction project, one has to take into account that the procedures involved to control and administer changes are established based on a baseline and associated documents and drawings. As Dinsmore and Cabanis-Brewin advanced, it matches document control but gives more emphasis on controlling design changes in the context of a construction project. Evidently, instituting changes tend to be complex especially in construction projects, and configuration control assists in easing the process through the prompt spreading of information related to changes made on any document or drawing.
In all phases of the construction process, changes are likely to occur as Pyzdek and Keller advanced (194). These are likely to be due to changes in requirements, deficiencies in the design, and instability in the implementation approach. With numerous risks attached to construction projects, circumstances are bound...

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...I consider this essential for addressing the confusion that hampers changes by utilizing the authorized copies of documents and drawings only. The mechanism removes the obsolete documents from their point of use to avoid confusion. Such is especially beneficial in avoiding mistakes and the associated time and cost overruns.
In a construction project, changes in documents and drawing are likely to arise, and this raises the need for configuration control. Such is necessary to ensure that all the players in the project are using the same version of information and drawing especially after a change has been made. Having a mechanism that is capable of conveying new information to all the players involved effectively is particularly beneficial in facilitating smooth implementation of the project and in limiting time and cost overruns that mistakes would cause.

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