The Importance Of Computerized Medical Reports On Nursing Essay

The Importance Of Computerized Medical Reports On Nursing Essay

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In today’s nurse, the work environment has computers and other equipment that were not available a hundred years ago. A technologically advanced hospital can provide an efficient and accurate care to the patient. For instance, computerized medical reports are beneficial when a doctor or a nurse want to trace the medical history of an altered or intubated patient who may not be able to give accurate information during critical situations. These advances act as a safety feature for the patient and hospital. Also, the nursing profession today is no longer for females; it is more culturally diverse and now includes the male gender. Today, there are many organizations that mandate rules and regulations for the nursing practice like the ANA’s (American Nurses Association) Code of Ethics that “provides the nurse guidance for legal and ethical responsibilities to patients, and in a broader sense, to society” and The Office of the Civil Rights that imposes HIPAA which was discussed above (Lachman, 2009).
In my opinion, the most important rule for today’s nurse is to be the patient’s educator....

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