The Importance Of Companionship With God Is The Only Friendship That Can Truly Free Individual

The Importance Of Companionship With God Is The Only Friendship That Can Truly Free Individual

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The many companions Teresa of Avila had over her lifetime is something to be viewed as a double edged sword. In The Life of St. Teresa, she herself reveals the inner workings of these friendships and how external influence threatened to interfere the freedom that her connection with God brought her. She contemplates the path she has traveled, wrought with companionship both toward fellow man and God. As she contemplates she grapples with themes of divine fate, free will, and positive and negative influences experienced over a lifetime. Through this contemplation there arises a clear link between the soul 's relationship with God and the resulting freedom that flourishes. In this paper I will argue that companionship with God is the only friendship that can truly free the individual. I will outline this interpretation with Tara K. Soughers’ interpretation of Teresa as a spiritual companion. Soughers argues St. Teresa to be a spiritual companion for the contemporary Christian while also being a saint that provides examples of analogical friendship. St. Teresa offers examples of how different types of friendship flourish and interfere with the ultimate relationship with God, and she urges those on the cusp of discovering their life’s path to come to the realization that their relationship with God is the only one that provides freedom and truth to the individual without external influence. While I agree with Soughers position of St. Teresa being a spiritual companion and her emphasis on the large role that both positive and negative companionship played in St. Teresa’s own life, she neglects to mention why spiritual companionship is a necessary component to living a life with heightened freedom for the individual.
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...serving to love the divine in each other, but they are taking on new spirit guides in the form of saints. The good influences provided in the mutual study of saints solidifies the blossoming of a free soul.
Freedom and spiritual awakening come hand in hand. Without a relationship with God, you will be unable to exhibit free will, even if you are under the impression you are doing so. External influence will dominate and the evils of this will show in a plethora of ways, both obvious and subtle. It is through true friendship that we remain tethered to our truest form of self. Our true, free self is linked with God. Our unadulterated self is given and loved by Him. Through spiritual companions we are able to love God through others, and allow them to love God through us in return, thus bringing every party closer to God and granting complete freedom from influences.

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