Importance of Communication in the Design Community Essay

Importance of Communication in the Design Community Essay

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Some basic communication skills, can be broken into two categories; verbal and non verbal. Within a professional realm, whether talking/listening to a boss, coworker or client, there are appropriate speaking tones and pitch, informal conversation, formal conversation and formal presentation. When speaking to others, not only the spoken words formulate their evaluation and interpretation of what was just said, but also how the words were pronounced, the rhythm, emphasis, tone and pitch.

Before any conversation, presentation, or phone call conversation arrange your thoughts and structure your conversation, this will keep you on the right path and not forget important points. But also, allow for flexibility if the conversation sways from your outline (Molen 10). At the beginning of the conversation, it is valuable to point out an overview of the topic and points you are going to be discussing, this engages the listener and informs them before the discussion commences (Molen 10). Another skill to acquire before a conversation, is to ask how much time the listener has to converse, try to keep within this time, to not misuse the person’s time (Molen 10). While conversing, refrain from slang, gossiping, lying, exaggeration, constant critisicm, negativity, offensiceness, and profanities, as they may not only offend and irritate the listener, but you will also loose credibility, and not provoke professionalism (Ludden 13, 62). A few things to remember are; use clear pronounciation, speak slowly (but not so slow that people think your mocking their intelligence, use correct grammer (or the listener will question your education), be clear, and don’t use certain words repetitively to keep the listener interested (Ludden 13, 54). At t...

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