Essay on Importance of Communication in Pfeiffer Athletics

Essay on Importance of Communication in Pfeiffer Athletics

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The department of athletics at Pfeiffer lacks the administrative leadership of communication when it comes to scheduling. The current coaches remain negligent to coverage scheduling procedures and leave the organization at risk for liability in the event an accident occurred. They also create disgruntled coworkers and athletes whose environment is unstable without organizational structure, and slow the success of their individual programs and other departments. The athletic administration at Pfeiffer University must communicate to coaches the importance of the 48 hour rule of scheduling events and practice. The current scheduling system works against the department of athletics and student athletes by reducing productivity. The coaching staff has the flexibility to schedule events and practices within the hour without prior notice. This freedom places the athletic training staff, a department required to provide medical coverage during all events and practices, at the mercy of the various sports teams on campus. Allowing practices and events to change at a moment’s notice increases turnover, creates a poor environment for workers and students, and reduces the quality of care the department provides to the athletes. Thus, having a consistent and timely system of providing information to Athletic Trainers within a 48 hour period will reduce turnover, improve the work environment and student athlete environment, and improve the quality of care to student athletes.
Athletic trainers work in a variety of settings. The staff members of Pfeiffer University work in the collegiate division II setting. The institution and NCAA requires medical coverage for all team practices and competitions for liability reasons. There are 19 collegiate ...

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...system, it will result in the reduction of turnover, improve the work environment and student athlete environment, and improve the quality of care to student athletes. These types of solutions will help Pfeiffer’s Athletic department become stronger. 

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