Essay The Importance of Communication In Marriage

Essay The Importance of Communication In Marriage

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Divorce is a difficult thing for all family members and can fracture the lives of all involved but life, love, and family doesn’t end with just one relationship. People move on to create new bonds, new lives, and many times, remarry and form new families. Remarriage, however, carries its own unique difficulties and challenges for a new couple and their new families; the chances of another failure loom in the background for these newly formed families. The difficulties that face a new family are large and numerous but with the availability of many different techniques and therapies, a new family can survive the odds and become a new stable family with strong bonds. This ranges from simply communicating and discussing relationship issues and concerns before remarriage to working on creating a bond with stepchildren can help increase chances of successful remarriage. At times it might also become necessary to seek outside help through various resources to help survive the transition from struggling new family to a strong family unit. It is just as important to have the will and determination to use these resources to strive for the survivability the future of the new family and the welfare of all parties involved.
Chief in solving remarriage martial problems is communicating and discussing relationship issues and future potential problems before remarriage. Many issues stem from the concerns a partner of the relationship might have prior to the new union. These issues are often times the cause of divorce in remarriage. Jealousy over an ex-spouse or over children from a previous marriage can cause severe friction and tension in the marriage if reassurances and care are not provided by one partner to the other (Guisinger 447). While ...

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