The Importance Of Communication And The Whole School Approach Essay

The Importance Of Communication And The Whole School Approach Essay

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As a teacher, I am always seeking to improve my place within the big picture of my student’s academic, social and emotional aspects in their lives as well as try to meet the expectations and district requirements of my profession. Prior to this class, most of my efforts were on an individual level to find new classroom management strategies and tools in which I can provide students within my classroom and improve upon those that work.
Ideally, I understood the importance of communication and the whole-school approach to student discipline, I initially could not identify the foundations that a Positive Behavior Support System (PBSS) would need to be successful. This class as made me more aware of the elements needed for interconnected school systems to implement PBSS. I am able to reflect on my personal experience with my schools’ approach to a program that was initially intended to be a PBSS. I can identify some of the elements that are utilized that are important such as the positive relationship, as well as identify areas that need to be part of the PBSS such as staff buy in, data driven accountability measures, and understanding of how systematic social skills training can differentiated to meet all needs. .
Jim Fay (1995) once stated, “ If you get a kid to fall in love with you, he’ll walk through fire for you.” Jim Fay was referring to the importance of strong classroom discipline and behavior management starts with the teacher-student relationship (Fay & Funk, 1995). Teachers, especially in the individual classroom, will have the most interactions with the student, therefore having the most impact on the student including their academic, social and emotional wellbeing. Positive relationships help ensure...

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...em daily in order to meet the individual, group, special needs, or whole school (Gresham, Van, & Cook, 2006).
In conclusion, I realize there are many great programs to utilize to help foster a school-wide positive climate. Love and Logic is one of them, however, limitations and barriers must be identified and overcome to ensure implementation of the core elements that PBSS should have. It is important that school wide and grade level teams have guiding principles and policies that support the teacher in the disciplinary and behavioral approaches for the students (Ruddel, 2011). Student mistakes will be made on the minute or consequential scale of life, therefore skills, along with the consistency, and accountability beyond the individuals’ classroom and teacher/student relationship will help ensure that learning can take place for all (Knoff, 2007).

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