The Importance Of Communicating With Others Really Works

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M1A1 This week opened my mind to how communicating with others really works. It also made me see how I can start to work on my communication skills to have a greater understanding of interpersonal communication. Interpersonal communication is something that can be learned and practiced so that you get better at expressing yourself and communicating your true feelings. Expressing responsiveness, expressing superiority and expressing equality are the three examples that I am going to use. Expressing responsiveness is sometimes a problem for me, I always have a lot things on my mind. My family, job, and school are things I think about a lot. For an example, when I am at home I am sometimes thinking of work and school. I am pondering what needs to be done the next day at work and what assignments I still have to accomplish. This sometimes gets in the way of communicating with my family. My husband or my children may ask me a question and I might not answer because I am preoccupied with another task. I acknowledge that I heard them with a nod but do not give them a full answer. According to Richmond & McCroskey in 2000, “Higher responsiveness is communicated by eye contact, nodding, and feedback that indicates involvement” (Wood, 2016, pp. 18-19). The kids do not take well to not having their mom’s undivided attention and I will usually have to stop doing school work until they go to bed so that I can pay more attention to them. I am the assistant chief at the fire department that I work for and we recently hired a new fulltime employee. This new employee has been a volunteer fire fighter at the department for four years so I know him well. His most recent job has been as an over the road truck driver so he has not had much supervisio... ... middle of paper ... ...d meanings between people” (Wood, 2016, p. 17). This is so true and I completely agree that we need to take a step back sometimes and really understand what our words and gestures when we are communicating with other people. We get so involved in our daily lives and commitments that we sometimes don’t think before we communicate. This assignment has given me the opportunity to take a step back and really look at myself and how I communicate with my family, coworkers and strangers. I also understand now that not all communication is verbal, that our expressions and non-verbal gestures can be just as important as what we say. The way we communicate with other people can get better as we learn the skills to express ourselves better. Great communication skills is not something we are born with it is something that is learned and can get better with practice (Wood, 2016).
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