The Importance Of Coaching Will Be For A Registered Nurse Performing Hourly Rounds ( Hr )

The Importance Of Coaching Will Be For A Registered Nurse Performing Hourly Rounds ( Hr )

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For the purpose of this paper the focus of coaching will be for a Registered Nurse performing Hourly Rounds (HR). Mary was very supportive of the process and influential in educating the staff on the process. Over time Mary started to decrease her compliance with HR and has become negative about the process. In result her other co-workers decreased their compliance also. Mary was chosen because she had an ability to engage her co-workers effortlessly and was enthusiastic in her daily work. Somehow she lost her direction and she began viewing HR as a task and the true purpose was being forgotten.. After some time Mary admitted that she felt the scripting was not natural and she felt she sounded too rehearsed and it was frustrating. According to Halm, 2009 scripting is the one of the first challenges of HR that occurs for the bedside nurses. She didn’t realize that the frustration she was feeling was effecting her performance and her co-workers. When Mary acknowledged her lack of compliance it helped her realize the impact even though she didn’t see immediate consequences (Day, 2014). The literature shows that in order to have a change in Practice , the change has to originate from those whom it was intened (Harrington, Bradley, Jeffers, Linedale, Kelman & Killington, 2013)
HR was created by the Studer Group in which existing work and patient needs can be anticipated and organized by the staff. When performing HR it is importnt to meet the patient needs in regards to the four P’s: pain, positioning, personal needs or toileting, posotioning. When HR performed consistently with scripting, studies show improved outcome and greater satisfaction. It is a proactive approach to patient care that decreases call bell use, decre...

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...e patient. Mary’s key points to remember is connecting with patient by knocking on door, introducing self, tell the role on the care team, acknowledge the visitors and sit next to patient while communicating. ( ).
In order to improve the compliance and improve flow HR, Mary should remember to Incorporating patient education and communication into rounding. Use Teach back method to ensure the patient and family understand key information in their health care plan. Update the patient on their treatment and test status.
Addressing patient needs through the four P’s. Asking about pain or comfort needs, proactive discussions regarding toileting needs (potty). Ensuring all possessions are within reach such as call bell, table, phone. Their position is important focus to assist them to a different position for comfort or pressure relief to avoid bed sores

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