Essay on The Importance Of Classroom And Clinical Skills

Essay on The Importance Of Classroom And Clinical Skills

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The Importance of Classroom and Clinical Skills
When I first thought of nursing as my profession, I knew that it was not going to be an easy task. Becoming a nurse means that you must retain all the knowledge you have learned during the two and a half years of nursing school to eventually diagnose a patient, reveal symptoms, and ultimately heal the patient. Throughout the years, I have watched many people struggle as nurses throughout the hospitals and nursing students while they are in the nursing program. I know from past experience that I do not want a nurse who is not certain on the diagnosis or procedure they are going to be performing. The ultimate question is how should nursing programs train students to become nurses that are confident and will not kill a patient by a mistake that could have been caught? Nursing programs need to train their students to become nurses by using classroom skills and clinical skills.
First, students need classroom skills so they have time to understand what information is important and how to use the information in real life. Classroom skills can be defined as being lectured by professors, reading textbooks, and taking tests over what they have learned. Everything a student learns in nursing does not need to be stored in the back of your brain. The information learned in nursing will appear in real life situations, so it is important that a student comprehends the information, but could also use the information in the real life situations. After a student has excelled in one concept, they need to be able to practice on a dummy the skills. Both Coyle and Mitchell described that trial and error is key (Coyle & Mitchell). However, Coyle stated in his article that there is a differenc...

... middle of paper ... Coyle was describing this when he said in his article how trial and error is not always productive if you make a crucial mistake (Coyle, 2009). The catheterization process is already uncomfortable and painful, would you want a nurse that caused you more pain and had to insert the catheter multiple times?
Nursing programs need to train students to become nurses by using classroom skills and clinical skills. If I were a patient in a hospital, I want someone who is not only confident, but a nurse who can also explain to me what they are going to do. The classroom and clinical skills are efficient because they teach the nursing student how to use deep practice, how to go beyond the students capabilities, and how to increase their levels of learning, and to perform trial and error in the classroom. This will help the nurse become successful and make less mistakes.

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