The Importance Of Chores On The Household Essay

The Importance Of Chores On The Household Essay

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The significance of chores in the household is important in building the character of our youth. When children participate in the chores of the house they can learn more than how to wash a plate or how to separate the recycling; children can learn to be independent and responsible and develop a proper work ethic that can benefit them throughout their lives. Physical activity is another benefit that children can receive by participating in chores; physical activity can reduce the risk of mental and physical disease. Children who do not do chores may also be independent, responsible, be appreciative of hard work, and have a reduced risk of mental and physical illnesses, but children who do participate in chores are more likely to experience these benefits.
Keywords: Children, chores, physical activity, work ethic, independence, and responsibility.
Spare the chore; limit your child.
Growing up on a 40-acre horse farm meant there was always work to be done. Even though, as a child, I did not always want to lend a hand when it came time to do chores, I did the chores because I was told to and I knew they needed to be done. I now appreciate the lessons learned from the chores; they helped me to be become an adult who understands the importance of hard work. I more than likely would not be able to maintain the balance of managing a household, raising my children, going to school, and working a full time job if chores had not been a part of my childhood. Thusly, chores are beneficial for children; Chores promote physical activity, allow children to develop an effective work ethic that will transition with them into adulthood, and teach children the importance of independence and responsibility.
Physical activity.
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...ponsible enough to complete the tasks laid out before them, regardless of what they are.
Ultimately, when children are exposed to household chores at a young age, and are able to participate within the family unit, they may feel like an important part of the family due to their contribution to the family dynamic. I always felt a sense of pride when my mom or dad told me how great of a job I did and that they were proud of me. “People generally feel good about themselves when they can accept chores gracefully as a necessary part of life, do them with skill and efficiency, and take pride in the results.” (Hartwell-Walker, 2015, para. 7) Independent and responsible children with great work ethic may adjust easier to adult life and household responsibilities. I did chores throughout my childhood and I am confident that doing them attributed to the person I am today.

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