The Importance Of Caring At Special Education Needs Setting Essay

The Importance Of Caring At Special Education Needs Setting Essay

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How might the barriers to caring prevent effective, caring at special education needs setting?
The therapist, special education needs assistant, special educational needs teacher, dinner supervisor, caretaker, support assistant and school receptionist should treat people well and this implies having a duty of care for clients and helping them achieve their highest potential. A practical reason for treating people well are that clients who are well treated tend to behave agreeably and cooperatively. They also tend to improve in their subjects quickly and have fewer problems.
Internal barriers to carers
A practitioner having negative attitudes
A therapist having an undesirable attitude can affect the client greatly. If the therapist cannot control his/her annoyance, then the client will not like to be assisted by the therapist because of the therapist’s behaviour. For example, if this were to happen to my client, Karim, there would be very little progression, as he would not want to share his problems with the therapist. Firstly, this is because if a therapist gets annoyed with my client Karim for not following the instructions, the therapist may not communicate with Karim well as he has done something the therapist dislikes. This would mean that the therapist would reject and do hostility. As a result, this can cause Karim not to share his problems due to the way he is treated.
Secondly, if a special education needs assistant, support assistant and a special educational needs teacher are having a bad attitude towards Karim. An example of this is when he comes to school late due to appointments, although this is not his fault because of his illness. This could lead to all the practitioners not repeating the instructions most of the ...

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...what the situation was. In the end, he may not have the teachers and assistant concerned due to lying. This affects the quality of care because he might have had good quality of care at the beginning, but at the end, it is bad due to his behaviour.
A client behaving in a hostile manner
Karim acting unreceptive. This would mean that they would get lower quality of care. This is because the way they have behaved would mean that they would be treated like that to understand the situation. The special education needs assistant may shout at the child, due to Karim being violent by hitting another child. This could mean that the special education needs assistant might respond to the child differently and might not give extra help in the future, due to knowing their personality. Lastly, a support assistant and special education needs teacher may respond like that.

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