The Importance Of Being An Independent Individual Essay

The Importance Of Being An Independent Individual Essay

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From a very young age, my mother taught me to do things for myself. As I got older and asked her why she encouraged that idea in me, she told me it was because she wanted to be able to know I could take care of myself when she is not here anymore. That is when I understood her reason in why she enforced my independence, instead of depending on her so much. Of course, everyone at one point in their lives was dependent when we were kids, but eventually we all become independent when we reach adulthood. However, I strongly believe in being an independent individual is important, instead of being dependent because before we start to settle down in life, we are by ourselves in search of who we want to be in life.
You are probably wondering and questioning, what do you mean by independent?
By independent, I mean that one does not rely heavily on other people is not controlled by other people, and desires their personal freedom. As I mentioned before, no one is fully independent all of the time, but there are some individuals that exhibit independence more than others. Many people that are independent tend to go off on their own instead of doing things with others. This is a good thing because one is able to do things without having to be guided step by step, and do it instinctively. For example, when I got my first job this last spring as a custodian for the Cesar Chavez building, I, of course, had to be trained the first day. However, I got a hang of the job immediately and knew how to do things without my co-worker telling me how to do things every single day. Plus, when one knows how to do things that can be done individually, things get done quicker than with someone else. Another positive thing of being an independent person, it ...

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...he play one of the positive results of dependence in which one is able to be more emotionally open and help sustain a living between with your partner, be it your girlfriend or boyfriend.
With that being said, even though there is pros and cons to being either independent or dependent, I appreciate individuals that are independent in their life especially as young adults. That is because I believe at such a young age, one is still learning how to be on their own from the dependency we had from our parents: food, shelter, clothing, and financial support. Another reason is that as young adults, we are in search of our identity and what we want to do and be in life as adults. By practicing in being an independent individual, one is able to learn how to take care of ourselves as our parents taught us, and eventually learn to function as an autonomous person in society.

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