The Importance Of Being A Good Student Essay

The Importance Of Being A Good Student Essay

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Being a good student can be attributed to my father’s constant demands for excellent grades. He finished his career with a red diploma and a summa cum laude seal, so he clearly expected similar results from his son. I constantly emulated with him, and as a result of aiming so high, I was able to finish my degree in chemical engineering with the highest cumulative GPA of my class. Being a good student in the US is relatively easier than in Cuba, just attempting to understand those Russian science books was a real challenge. Besides, not having access to computer-based didactic platforms as Mastering Genetics converts sometimes any learning process in a very frustrating experience. Until this date, I have never had any blemish in my transcripts. Although I have gotten some B’s before, since I polished my studying technique, only A’s have landed. Thus, on a scholastic level, I consider myself ready to face any new challenge, no matter the difficulty level of it.
I have studied in five different countries. Although dealing with actual academic topics may be challenging, having to overcome the idiomatic and cultural barriers in so many opportunities is quite more. But, as I have always possessed the willingness to accept readily novel information and a good learning strategy, the initial adaptation stage has become more tolerable every subsequent occasion.
That is why, I am inclined to believe that intelligence helps you to cover half of the way, while willpower the rest of it. I would not be here if I were not so perseverant and disciplined. Anybody can study if that’s its only obligation, but in my case, I needed to give an extra. Even after the long hour of construction work, taking care of my family and other responsibilities I sti...

... middle of paper ... in Cuba, I saw many times on TV Cuban physician providing assistance around the world on areas stroke by catastrophes. Leaving politics apart, there is nothing more gratifying that helping those in need; besides, being able to have this kind of experiences, helps someone to reaffirm his/her moral values. Thus, if I am required to serve this country around the world and show to other cultures the values of our society, I will gladly accept the honor.
I like to interact with people of diverse ethnicities and ages, it is always useful to learn about different perspectives and experiences. How can you really help someone if you do not understand him if you do not know his/her social background, expectations, and system of beliefs? Thus, by donating my time to perform community service in rural and underserved areas after graduating I will show my humanitarian side.

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