The Importance Of Becoming A Famous Professional Dancer Essay

The Importance Of Becoming A Famous Professional Dancer Essay

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My importance of becoming what my parents what me to be is totally different that what I want to be, which is to become a famous professional dancer, it has been what I wanted to do with all my life . I had a tough life growing up without out my father figure my grandmother .They would always tell me “HE IS MISSING OUT ON THE AMAZING YOUNG WOMAN YOU WILL BECOME“, she was right with every word she said . I met my father when I was nine years old,it did not go so while with everything around me I , myself would get anger of a period time so I would start dancing my way out since I was four years old until on . What my mother wants me to be it’s possible ,but it’s not possible for my happiness. During my time of my year starting it all off wrong the only person in my life was my grandma begin so positive in my life when everything was going wrong . In the site of everything my grandma was a great inspiration toward my life goals she would always push me forward to better and everything that she could not do I am very honor to have meet my grandma and letting me become the person who I am today .
When growing up in a early age i had a rough childhood , I was molested and it started all every since i was seven UNTIL nine years old of age , sadly to say that my mother or family did not know these since I started school Freshmen year that is when I open up to them about my molestation and how I started growing up everything was fine I did not need any help . The problem was I could not take it anymore I had anger actions , depression,acting everything was normal each and every day when I was hiding everything inside me. When I opened up I told my aunt who I trusted deep down I bursted out crying could not take anymore . When time w...

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...anted to leave right back to South Gate my emotions and my actions took me to lead depression after since then .
Finally , at the time I was going to promoted eighth grade and I did , was i ready to go in high school and see the different and be the same person in middl no I Change completely I started my life and wanted to better my life growing up now That I am a more dependable young lady trying my best to graduated high school and wanting to go to college would be my dream come true and my achieved my goal to become a professional dancer would be the highlight of my life . It would be my honor to let my family know i can get into Glendale Community College for two years and transfer into a University of Portland , Oregon to get my master 's degree. Thank you for understanding and I hope you understand my situation and where I want to be heading life .

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