Essay on The Importance Of Becoming A Family Medicine Physician

Essay on The Importance Of Becoming A Family Medicine Physician

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My father, two paternal uncles, two maternal uncles, five cousins, and two cousin’s husbands. Three cousins who are in medical school along my sister who is on the premed track. These are the statistics behind my claim of being from a family of physicians. Importantly, these statistics do not hold much importance in my choosing of becoming a family medicine physician. In my last year of medical school, evaluating my personal experiences with my family, my country of origin, and future opportunities, I decided that family medicine was the field I wanted to be a part of.

My experiences have forced me to change and encouraged me to improve. As an adolescent, I struggled with being an overweight child. I was constantly advised by pediatricians to make a change. Over time, I was able to overcome this obstacle through a tiring effort. Those years allowed me to improve myself mentally and physically. Recently, my mother-in-law was diagnosed with hepatitis C. She and her family in Pakistan relied on me for guidance. I was forced to take on the role of a physician to a certain extent, having to tread carefully and be very tactful. This gave me confidence about transitioning from a student into a physician in the near future.
My interest in family medicine started when one of my med-school buddies nonchalantly mentioned to me during a casual conversation, that family medicine was “the best” field. Reminiscing over the conversation, I considered the implications of a career in family medicine. I began contemplating the vast array of illnesses around me that I was naïve of before becoming a medical student. The importance of the field could be seen all around my personal life. My father recently started losartan for hypertension, my m...

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...nd has been very active in community service for many years, he mentioned that when I was done with my residency training, he would help in establishing a free clinic type scenario arranged for me on occasions in which I would visit. Visioning my mere thoughts become near realities gives me the motivation to become a family medicine physician.

As may be gathered, I have large tight-knit family resembling a small community. During my rotations, the sense of community and camaraderie was never more on display than in my family medicine rotation. I plan to take the skills I acquire in family medicine to reach as many people as I can, whether they are patients, family, friends, or underserved, here and in Pakistan. I desire to give in response to what I have been blessed with in my life. Physicians are plentiful in my family; yet, I hope to be more than just that.

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