The Importance Of Avoiding The Conflict By ' Going At The Balcony ' ( Step1 )

The Importance Of Avoiding The Conflict By ' Going At The Balcony ' ( Step1 )

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The PM starts by using the Thomas-Kilman (Dues, 2012) technique of avoiding the conflict by ‘going to the balcony’ (step1). (Ury, 2007) The benefit is that he calms himself down but possibly makes the TE more frustrated (Dues, 2012), also not making a decision could have meant that the TE went ahead with the wrong course of action.
Bragging: (Heinrichs, 2010) this can be used as a negotiation technique: highlighting relevant achievements. But here the TE has not strengthened her argument she has carried out “thousands of tests”, but did she make the associated decisions? And were the tests successful? If she had a track record of improving on standard procedures then this would strengthen her case. Experts who have little knowledge of other functions can have trouble exchanging information with other functions. (Phillips, et al, 2004, Larkin et al, 1980) This may lead to ineffective forms of communication such as here.
Argumentum ad Antiquitatem or Appeal to Tradition. (Foster, 2008) This is a form of fallacy where tradition is used as the basis for an argument. Along with the bragging above the TE is attempting to show her expertise. But fails because she does not show any knowledge of the complexity of this decision, such as time and cost. Also, by starting this statement with ‘No’ she shows that she is inconsistent with her arguments. Reducing credibility, (Dues, 2012) meaning that the PM is less likely to take her changes seriously.
In this case we shall be using Ury’s (2007) 5 steps to “get past no”
1. “Don 't react: Go to the balcony”
2. “Don 't argue: Step to their side”
3. “Don 't reject: Reframe”
4. “Don 't push: Build them a golden bridge”
5. “Don 't escalate: Use power to educate”
After the meeting is called, The PM d...

... middle of paper ...

...the PM is attempting to find a collaborative solution.
The PE, on the other hand, is trying to compete. He is not aiming for mutual gain, just looking out for his own interests. This means that the PM needs to use some of his BATNA, but still gets everything he wants out of the agreement. This conflict is kept impersonal: both parties concentrate on the problem at hand, the starting positions form a dichotomy: to work the weekend or not, but the interests are not mutually exclusive. The PM uses the contingency form their BATNA to invent an option for mutual gain: the Engineer still gets his weekend, and while his wife was away. He could have been given the money in a lump sum as overtime but the PM identified that he would value a day off more.
Lastly, the criteria for the agreement are clear and objective: there can be no argument what each side has agreed to do.

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