The Importance of Attending Class in Career Field I've Chosen, & the Imprtance of Responsibility

The Importance of Attending Class in Career Field I've Chosen, & the Imprtance of Responsibility

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Why is it important to attend class in the career field you've choosen? At times I ask myself this very question! After giving some serious thought I've came to the conclusion that yes, it is important to attend class because how can you get the full effect of learning if your not there to grab all the information you can. Its impossible to think that you can achieve your career goal without assistance. All thought I must admit, at times school may be weary, but as they say, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!''. I apply that to my college life when I fill that its impossible for me to attend school or be on time for class. Not only does it effect you, but it could effect others around you at times.When entering college you will learn to be more responsible and independent, as well as reaping the consequences of your actions. Attending class was a tough situations until I saw the results of my actions. Sometimes it doen't effect you until your looking from the outside in. After taking heed to this I've come up with three reasons or suggestions on this topic.

To begin with, you must first be satisfied with the career you have choosen. If you have choosen a career that does not satisfy your personal goals, you will not gain the full amenities of what you need for your future career. A two- or four- year college degree is becoming more and more important to unlocking doors to economic and educational opportunity in America today. But in doin so you must first prep yourself during your junior years. When I started my cosmetology career I had to first make sure this is what I wanted to do, because this has alot to do with you attending classes needed and being responsible for what you are doing. It also could play a major...

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...bility builds client trust.

Despite the fact that college is supposed to be a time when avenues for further study are explored and developed, students fear that if they are unable to find a field and succeed in their classes. This is another reason why it is very important to choose a career that best fits you and your lifestyle. Going to college can give a very dramatic change on your life. It could either have a positive or a negative affect on you. Throughout you must learn (on your on) how to overcome the obstacles of being respsonsible! A wise person always told me "Even when your grown you still have to be accountable for everything you do". You must learn how to apply that to your college life, in a way such as you being late or not showing up for class. In doing so, will not only teach you, or make you more responsible but, will make you more trustworthy.

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