The Importance Of Attending A Home Visit With Monika Essay

The Importance Of Attending A Home Visit With Monika Essay

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Identifying the information
On Wednesday, October 14, 2015, I was able to attend a home visit with Monika. The home visit consists of the mother, her two year old daughter, and one and a half month old son. The mother and her children are currently enrolled in the Early Head Start program in order to promote health and development, but also provide additional assistance and support.
Purpose of the session
Before the visit, Monika described what the home visit will cover and what to expect. I am able to see this family on a weekly basis so every week there are new things that I am able to learn about the family and see how they interact with Monika and I. Monika and I met with the family in order to check-in with the mother to see how she was doing, introduced some literature pertaining to her son, and also introduced her daughter to a new book.
Initial observations of the client
When entering the family’s home I immediately became hungry! The mother was in the middle of cooking breakfast for her daughter. Her daughter was very excited to see Monika and I, and the mother greeted us politely with a nice smile. I was excited myself to see both children because they are both entertaining children; always smiling, the daughter is always interactive, and the son is just adorable to watch.
Content of the session
Monika and I were greeted by the mother and we were motioned to sit down. Monika then began asking the mother about her and her children to see if they need additional resources, they discussed the mother’s work schedule and asked how accommodating is her job since she had her baby not too long ago and has chosen to breastfeed. The mother disclosed no problems or concerns about her children or job. Another topic that was d...

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...ich could be beneficial to her schedule and daughter’s development. Also, in the next week the mother should share how the soothing techniques have benefited and how her daughter reacts to books that she enjoys. It was also mentioned to me personally, that Monika wanted to engage the mother in doing activities with her daughter, instead of her and I, so this will also be a good concept since the goal is to engage the mother.
Analysis of the student social worker’s practice
While interacting with the daughter and noticing how her behaviors were with me has changed from the previous visits. A social work skill that I had constantly tried to work through was positive redirecting for the young girl. I wasn’t successful each time, and it required a lot of work. During the next visit, hopefully she would be more friendly in her play and redirecting would be more effective.

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