The Importance Of Assimilating Into A New Environment For Immigrants

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Importance of Assimilating into a new environment for immigrants Living in a new environment, especially in foreign countries is always difficult. There is a far different culture or language, which can make newcomers nervous and stressed. Some consider assimilating into such new conditions is too hard that they will give up doing that and stay only in their comfort zone. Many countries have the immigrants’ communities in which they will feel comfortable. As a result, some of immigrants do not interact with local people. However, as a proverb says “When in Roma, do as the Romans do” they should assimilate into a new culture because it is far more profitable than just escaping from them. Although some opponents believe that they can relieve stress by staying in a comfort zone and always being in the community from the same country, getting out of that is more profitable. Being among immigrants and not interacting with local people every time seem to prevent immigrants from getting culture shock. If they do not go out, they will not have to communicate with their neighbors who speak other languages from which they can feel stressed by differences. However, it is difficult to live without speaking to local people, or rather interacting with them make our life easier. Basically, local people know well about local places. They can help foreigner to get used to those convenient places. Local people may even inform immigrants what they will never know from mono-origin communities, which consist of people from the same countries. Going out of monotonous community can give us a lot of tips in order to live in unfamiliar places. Some may argue that there are a lot of barriers for foreigner such as language or cultural differences so they ... ... middle of paper ... ...erent culture only lasts for a limited time. For all these reasons, the arguments that insist that assimilating into the new culture is not necessary is not valid. On the contrary, it is clear that foreigners should at least try to assimilate into the new culture. Getting out of comfortable community and talking with new people is beneficial to settlers in many aspects. Local people will be willing to help new neighbors if they ask helps. Even if adjusting to the new environment is difficult, that experience will become your real treasure afterwards. Those experiences are precious because it cannot be obtained in the home country. Moreover, those difficulties will not last forever. It is very likely that most settlers will feel comfortable to live in the new environment someday. Therefore, immigrants should be encouraged to adjust into local culture and environment.

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