Importance Of Art Therapy

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This paper serves the purpose to explore three main topics: who am I, what have I learned thus far, and who do I want to become? Through my experience at Adler University I have gained insight into what it takes to become an art therapist. Though the journey of pursuing art therapy is a lifelong experience, it didn’t start here. Who am I? Growing up I lived my life with the fundamentals of art as therapy. I participated in dance, theater, music, shop class, and produced photography, origami, ceramics, sculptures, paintings and drawings. There wasn’t a creative outlet I hadn’t tried in my community. I often took it apon myself to strengthen these skills by staying late in art class and by teaching myself new skills not readily available to me. I poured myself into the arts, because it was the only thing that made sense to me. At eighteen I remember declaring my undergrad major in Fine Arts. I was scared and I felt embarrassed. I chose a school with a weak arts program, because I felt I was not good enough to attend an arts school. My family questioned what the purpose of this major was and denied me the encouragement to succeed. During this time, my mother came to me and suggested I study psychology, stating I had always been a supportive person. Although, I agreed with her I knew my heart was in the arts. I attended college and fell in love, over and over again with my tight knit program, with my instructors, and with my classes. Every fear I had resolved itself and for one of the first times in my life I felt I was in the right place. Then the question came back, what are you going to do with this degree? I thought about teaching, and remembered how the moments I spent in the art room left a lifelong impact on my life. That w... ... middle of paper ... person to believe in them, I think that can be said for everyone though. I have not narrowed down my population or my theoretical orientation, however I am drawn to gestalt therapy. Through my experience in dance and theater, I resonate with the more physical, hands on approach of gestalt therapy. To gain awareness is to experience it. Our mind runs wild without an outlet and art serves that purpose for many, but I think something can be said about the act of creating. To take the feelings out of our heads, into our hands is a powerful experience. Nevertheless, I look forward to learning more about specific populations and therapeutic practices in the years to come. I am ready to pursue my personal legend of becoming an art therapist, and would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has helped me along the way. For me, the journey doesn't end here.

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