Essay about The Importance Of Applying A Heritage Assessment

Essay about The Importance Of Applying A Heritage Assessment

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Heritage Assessment
America is a vast growing country with a large base of culturally diverse individuals. Along with its growth are health related issues among minorities. We must ask ourselves what measures our current health system can practice to treat these health related problems. Many minorities have their own practices and beliefs. In order for health care providers to decrease noncompliance among these patients, they must first understand the patient. Then incorporate the patient’s own beliefs and practices in their healthcare plan. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the usefulness of applying a heritage assessment in evaluating the needs of the whole person, family interviews, identifying common health traditions, and an evaluation on how families subscribe to these traditions and practices.
Usefulness of Applying a Heritage Assessment in Evaluating the Needs of the Whole Person
Due to the increasing demographic change and cultural diversity healthcare providers need to become culturally competent. “The consequences of moving beyond biological and bio-medical notions of health and illness will assist in explaining, understanding health behavior, and health care beliefs” (An Assessment of Cultural, 2014). With the heritage assessment the healthcare provider can be made aware of the individuals understanding of health, illness, treatments, equality of access, and the provision of compelling language and communication supports (An Assessment of Cultural, 2014). Furthermore, a heritage assessment helps the healthcare providers comprehend from where patients determine their thoughts regarding illness, sickness, beliefs, values, and practices that may impact the patients care and health behaviors (Maurer & Smith, ...

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...nd evaluation on how families subscribe to these traditions and practices helps the health care providers improve interventions for culturally adverse groups. Likewise with the knowledge of these three families cultural health traditions will allow healthcare providers to incorporate them with traditional methods, which in turn will promote health and compliance. To prevent further health disparities and mortality among these diverse groups change needs to be made within the healthcare system, we must provide health education and funding among health programs. All individuals despite their race, socioeconomic status, and religion should be respected for their beliefs and treated equally. Furthermore healthcare providers need to be creative and use culturally specific strategies of care for their patients based on evidence to promote health (Schumacher, 2010).

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