The Importance Of Animal Testing For Medical Research Essay

The Importance Of Animal Testing For Medical Research Essay

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“Scientists in the US use approximately 12-25 million animals in research.” (US Statists). Hundreds of thousands of animals are subjected to experimentation every year that could even be failure. These experiments are meant to benefit humans without the consideration of what happens to the animals. Many of these animals are be subject to meaningless harm or even deaths; however there is hope, “Advances in science have led to a new vision for toxicity testing based on human cell systems that will be more predictive, have higher throughput, cost less money, and be more comparable to real-life exposures in humans, while using many fewer animals.”( Zurlo). Scientist should create and find alternative methods to animal testing for medical research to halt the physical and phyclsogcial harm being forced upon the animals.
Animal testing has become a much debated issue in the past decade. According to the journal, “In recent times, animal welfare groups or reformers have been opposing the animal research so as to ensure proper treatment of animals.”(T. Arora et al). The cost of animal testing has gone up through the sustenance, living area, and health of the animals that has been needed kept up (T. Arora et al). While the cost have been going up, researchers have been interesting infinding less expensive ways to do their research. As defined by the article,” ‘Alternatives’ or ‘Substitutes’ is defined as anything from absolute to partial replacement of live animals in biomedical research and testing. The use of animals in biomedical research are adjuncts, aids, shortcuts, or supplements which help an investigator to decide whether an experiment on an animal is likely to produce a useful result”( T. Arora et al). While researchers are st...

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...rcher wished to have. People for animal testing may state that it cost too much money to developed substitute methods to animal testing. Actually, developing substitute will cost less than animal testing. Animals will not too taken care of, feed, studied, and have a living area. The research will cost money, but in the long run it will save much more.
Animal experimentation can be replaced with alternative methods so that animals are not harmed. Animals are being inhumanely experiment that could easily kill them. While there are many alternatives, experiments are still failing which cost more wasted money. People need to be aware of animal testing because these creatures have done nothing to us. Why would they have to be harmed for our benefit? People need to take a stand against animal testing. The world has already been damaged by humans. Do we need to do more?

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