The Importance of Animal Rights: Product Testing Essay

The Importance of Animal Rights: Product Testing Essay

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Animal rights have been a controversial issue for decades and remain controversial today. Product testing on animals is considered wrong by many and is against animal rights, products can be made without testing on animals. Animals in zoos are looked after greatly and treated with respect, keeping them in zoos in not against animal rights. Many activists for animal rights have pets because some consider having pets as not against animal rights, the families that have pets give them homes and treat them as part of their family. Product testing is against animal rights; however, keeping pets and having zoos are not against animal rights.
Product testing is against animal rights and is harmful to the animals that are used for the testing. The animals that are used in testing are usually left alone in the laboratories at night or whenever they are not being tested which leads to the animal feeling pain from the loneliness in the laboratory (“Animal Testing 101”). The products and procedures that they test on the animals are sometimes terrifying and painful for the animal during testing which results in them being fearful even when a test is not being performed on them at the time (“Animal Testing 101”). Whenever a test is not being done on the animals they are place in a barren cage and long to roam free, sometimes keeping them in the fear of the laboratories causes them to develop some neurotic behaviors such as rocking back and forth or biting their own skin (“Animal Testing 101”). A majority of the animals that are used for product testing will be killed after living a life of loneliness and fear (“Animal Testing 101”). Product testing should be stopped because it is harmful to the animals involved in the testing and is al...

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...animals but keeping them in zoos and having them as pets are not against animal rights. Many people, including animal rights activists, have pets and it is not considered against animal rights to have them. Zookeepers treat their animals with respect and it is not against animal rights to have them in the zoos. Product testing is against animal rights and should be stopped; products can be made without testing them on animals. Animal rights is an issue that has been controversial for decades and will remain controversial over time. 

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