Essay on The Importance Of Accounting And Finance Field By Making A Research

Essay on The Importance Of Accounting And Finance Field By Making A Research

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Personal Statement
My overall aim is to contribute to the accounting and finance field by making a research that has practical implications for the market and the policy makers; through researching the role of accounting in providing decision-useful information to the stakeholders as well as exploring the potential avenues for enhancing the predictive and analytical role of accounting.
I enrolled at the Faculty of Commerce and specialized in accounting as I love solving problems and cases. I was the first at my college and was appointed as a demonstrator, then started my master studies. It was a very essential stage in my life as it has given me a substantial experience in research which is affecting my entire learning process. Further, I have developed my statistical analysis skills where I used Stata software for applying the empirical part of my thesis, which was highly appreciated by the professors in the thesis committee.
When I started my doctoral research proposal in accounting, I realized how influential Information Technology (IT) is in all fields of research. So, I wanted to know more and gain an access to these techniques. That brought me the idea of enrolling at the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research (IGSR). Studying IT in the IGSR has opened for me several avenues for integrating the two disciplines. Hence, I have decided to continually advance myself in this arena for the purpose of my doctoral research as well as for being updated with the ongoing changes in the world businesses and industries. Therefore, I have enrolled in Mr. Ajit Jaokar course on Data Science for Internet of things (IOT). Evidently, SAP integrates IOT data with business processes to build effective business applications. Working with Mr. ...

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...reading novels, as they bring me a lot of joy and It feels like actually traveling the world and seeing new people, places, and cultures. As for sports, running is my favorite.
For the future, I plan to continue my career as a teacher as teaching is the job through which you can radically change people life. That is why I wish to deliver a more beneficial science that aids youth in their future careers. Moreover, I am willing to continue my research in accounting and finance while exploring the tools provided by the field of data science. Actually, I have decided that I will not let my life slip away before making a significant contribution that changes people 's life to the better and I believe that studying in Alliance MBS, with its outstanding project-oriented training and interactive supervision will provide me with this chance and guide me through the right path.

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