The Importance Of Accomplishment From Winning A Tournament Essay

The Importance Of Accomplishment From Winning A Tournament Essay

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Have you ever experienced the joy and sense of accomplishment from winning a tournament? In the year 2006, I turned fourteen years old and I joined the basketball team. I worked really hard in basketball; I still remember the sweat coming from my body, the warmth of my sweat, and the enjoyment of practicing basketball. One month later I was named captain because I was the one that worked the hardest. As a captain I wanted to win the basketball tournament by myself. The first match was on Monday. My teammates and I went to a basketball court where my tournament was held. When I entered, I saw approximately 20 basketball courts inside. When I saw the basketball courts, I felt the game was waiting for me to win. By playing in this tournament I realized that I cannot do everything by myself and I should let people help me out.
My first game was facing the thunders. When the game started, my teammates and I played inside of the court with full energy. I ran like a cheetah and no one of the other team could exceed me. The only thing my teammates did was to get the rebounds and passed the ball to me, and then I scored the points. And my teammates and I kept doing the same thing until the end. At the end of the game Ibero could not do anything against me of scoring points. At last we won the game, and I got overconfident.
We won the game really easily, and then I trusted myself too much after the first game. I became stubborn. When the game ended, I just kept my feelings inside that I could do everything by myself without depending on others. The evil joy that was boiling inside of me made me stubborn and I could not trust anyone on my team, because in the game I was the only one who scored most in the game. One of my teammates,...

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... I enjoyed the last ten minutes of the game and I even cried of the joy that I had at that moment. I was happy in that moment because I gave my trust to everyone on my team by passing the ball to them and then they could score points in the game.
By the end of the game we won and I realized that I could not do anything by myself. I think trusting someone else can help me a lot. ?Two is better than one? is what I think now. I still remember how dumb I was in the past. I could lose my friendship at that moment, but I chose to wake up and work as a team. People should not be selfish; people should let others to help so things can become easier. When I remembered those memories, I was really stupid in 2006. Now that I won the tournament I could still feel the enjoyment and happiness when I was inside of the court. Since that day I remembered that ?two is better than one.?

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