The Importance Of A Woman And The Hierarchy Of A Male Essays

The Importance Of A Woman And The Hierarchy Of A Male Essays

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Literature evokes the reader to form a whirlpool of ideas and emotions. One famous author that has been able to gain a vast audience is Kate Chopin. She has published many short stories such as “Story of an Hour”,” A Pair of Silt Stockings”, “A Respectable Women”, “Desiree 's Baby” and “The Storm” . These stories cause people to question whether their assumptions of a novel are correct. Two major themes that Chopin promotes throughout most of her work, is the importance of a woman and the hierarchy of a male. These stories all have different story lines, but share a common ground, which is the admiration of a woman 's role in life and their constant struggles they face compared to men.
Women from all over the world are seen differently. Some force to marry and depend on their husband while others acknowledge their self-worth. Woman is also taught to behave in a mannerly way. The norms of a woman have already been set, it often results women to be afraid to overcome certain life obstacles without society judging them. Whether they suffer from self-worthiness, loneliness, impulse or lack of empowerment, women constantly struggle to be themselves and show that they too deserve happiness.
Chopin often maximizes the position of a male figure in her stories. Though little information is given, the basis of a male figure often shows up in every story which influences the female protagonist to live and act a specific way.
When being with someone for so long, it can cause a woman to lose themselves as a person. When a woman undergoes difficult situation they find comfort in finding a substitution that will bring a joyous lust whether good or bad.
In “Story of an Hour" Chopin creates a situation in which the prota...

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...ater times women sexual modesty was extremely strict. Women were and are still regularly judged if they act upon their thoughts. “The nineteenth century was afraid of the sex, particularly when it manifested itself in women” (Degler). They could not be sexual beings the way that men are.
The constant struggle of trying to find a women 's worth in a world fill with dominant men has been difficult to many then and now. Females are constantly trying to become independent and face their problems alone without the help of a man society still affects the way men and woman are treated and view. Women learn to gain respect throughout time while men do as they please. Today women are slowly gaining power, but there is still a long way to go in order for women to be pleased with their own accomplishments and needs other than having to rely on a male figure in their life.

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