The Importance Of A Team Teaching Approach Essay

The Importance Of A Team Teaching Approach Essay

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“A team teaching approach would be ideal to educate students in the elementary schools. With proper technique and consistent practice, typing can become an automatic skill that can be performed with speed and accuracy”(p.204). In effort to incorporate keyboarding skills in Harrison Elementary Schools, educators and parents collaboration is essential! “Similarly, children are taught to play sports with a coach and much guided practice. The coach provides motivation, reinforcement and corrective action”(Donne, 2012, p.205)
As a result, the technology committed had to also revise the plan and Identified the four specific areas identified for improvement in the elementary keyboarding program aligned to CCSS, NJCCCS and PARCC technology competencies. Subsequently, due to classroom teacher time constraints during each lesson and class sizes, classroom teachers are not going to be able to focus on all areas therefore, they might lose enthusiasm. For that reason the technology committed decided to narrowed the study into four specific areas identified for improvement in the elementary keyboard skills program. The committed also evaluated the set of goals for third-grade teachers clearly and aligned to their instruction.
Due to the research and data gathering, Third-grade classroom teachers are aware that students must acquire the best possible direction and guideline in order to master keyboarding skills, as a result their collaboration and input on strategies they can use to monitor and how to reinforce typing skills in the classroom by means of writing assignments has been substantial. The school 's technology committee is made up of five colleagues, the music teacher, a basic skills teacher, two third grade teacher and the t...

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... must be prepared to do the same.
Twenty-first-century learners are expeditious at mastering technology. Nevertheless, educators must recollect those students are not deliberately acquainted to highlighting words, entering numbers, symbols or even indenting a paragraph on a word processor application without proper instruction. Harrison Elementary School must give the utmost attention to include keyboarding skills in our curriculum in order to teach keyboarding skills at a level of fluency to all students. With technology skill demands imposed by online assessments and classroom writing assignments, it is evident that typing is an essential skill students must hold, in order to meet the ever-changing nature of 21st-century technology established in college, work and life.

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