The Importance Of A Team For A Business Essay

The Importance Of A Team For A Business Essay

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Teams have been around for many years. It is vital for members who are a part of any team to work together so that their labor is not in vain. A major advantage for working cohesively as teams is greater output and interpersonal skills. The drawback of not working in uniformity can lead to project delays and time constraints. Organizations create teams with the purpose of fulfilling certain obligations and acquiring business success. Roming (1996) states that togetherness and dependability means that members within the team assist each other and the team. Which in turn, yields a better-quality product.

Teams are important to a company simply because they motivate transformation and expansion. While teams play a key role in the expansion process of a business; the entire process can be delayed, if not disabled altogether due to a lack of participation on individual levels of commitment. Studies show that if a team is constructed and managed effectively they are 30-50% more productive. (Williams, 1995) Whatever the reason behind the formation of a team in a business it is always wise to take the proper approach to overcome any obstacle.

Companies that have been successful in organizing hi performing teams have reaped the benefits of having appropriate team cohesiveness. However, contrary for companies that have tried and failed at the everchanging task of keeping the lines of communication open between employees and leaders to reach a final product. It is not wise for a leader to place emphasis on team member relationships alone, but more importantly on problem solving techniques and motivating each individual and the team as a whole. Organizations that have set out to improve the quality of the products and business structu...

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.... Disburse roles and responsibilities throughout the team. If the current team leader is no longer qualified or unable to fulfill his/her duties, then a new leader should be appointed to help develop the newly established team, execute strategy among members, and help keep the vision in view as direction is set moving forward.

In conclusion, my recommendations are fore mentioned as an aid to help revitalize under achieving teams achieve high-performing teams. It is not impossible to restructure and implement this plan into your team. It may take some time to see the full potential of the overall plan, but in time the morale boost will speak for itself. Look for the higher performance levels, better communication techniques, increased work engagements, proficient meetings, greater integrity levels and commitment, and most importantly, projects that stay on track.

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