The Importance Of A Teacher Is Considered Good Or Bad? Essay

The Importance Of A Teacher Is Considered Good Or Bad? Essay

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Yawar Baig once said, “Teaching is not about answering question but about raising questions—opening doors for them in places that they could not imagine.” With twelve years of grade schooling, I have noticed teachers who will go to all ends to make sure students are learning and then other who could care less. However, the ineffectiveness of those teachers have overshadowed the success of effective teachers. This has led to many states depending on state regulated test to determine the evaluation and efficiency of a teacher. Without a doubt, standardize test do play apart in the education growth, but should it be the deciding factor in whether a teacher is considered good or bad?
This ongoing problem leads us to the age old question, should the good suffer for the bad? The answer is very simple, no. Several educators are irrationally accused of teaching to the ways of standardized test. Although their intentions are not to “teach to the test”, the pressure for their students to achieve specific scores results in teaching to the test, whether they wanted to or not. According to the article “Teachers to the Test” by Amanda M. Fairbanks, when everybody is reduced to numbers, it does not create a good atmosphere. It does not help teachers teach, and it doesn’t help children learn. Sheri Lederman, an eighteen year veteran teacher at Elizabeth M. Baker Elementary School in Great Neck, New York was one affected by the evaluations. After just receiving her annual evaluation, Lederman went home from work and announced to her husband that she was ready to quit. In just over one year, Lederman’s scores dropped a drastic thirteen percentage points. A statewide teaching ranking system had been implemented changing the way educators are ass...

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...rking teachers like mad scientist and students like test rats. The students are put onto the running wheel of test to produce exceptional testing scores, but when they fall off the wheel their overseer is giving the axe. “These children are being demoralized on a daily basis. We are making them feel worse about themselves…. We are teaching to a test. Our curriculum is going way too fast, and these students, we are losing them.” (Strauss). Teachers are asking to go back to yesteryears. Laughing, crying and working harder than you can ever imagine. Some days teachers are trying to change the world and then some days trying to just get through the day. With an empty wallet and a full heart, the mind is packed with memories of kids who have become life changers. For teachers, it is just another day in the classroom. Teachers teach not for the income, but for the outcome.

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