The Importance Of A Successful Teacher As An Important Part Of Our Life Essay

The Importance Of A Successful Teacher As An Important Part Of Our Life Essay

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Education is an important part of our life. It opens up many windows of opportunity for us to be successful. Education provides knowledge about the world and situations we will face. It paves the way for a good career; it builds character as well as becoming self-dependent. "Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world (Nelson Mandela)." Schools lay the foundation of a child 's development. They play important roles in transforming children into responsible and educated human beings of society. It is important to have teachers who care about the well-being and success of their students. In this paper, I will discuss what important factors are needed to become a successful teacher as well as having a successful classroom and successful students.

As a future teacher, my main goal is to make sure my students are successful in whatever they do. First, I will start off by creating a classroom environment that is safe, positive, fun and organized. Having a classroom that is unorganized and not centered around love and attention can hinder learning. Students should have a positive environment to learn in. This will be their "home away from home" so students should feel comfortable and welcomed. Classroom rules are an important part of a successful classroom. Rules give student clear boundaries as to what is expected from one another. Students in my class will learn to respect others and others belongings. We will hear each other’s opinions and not criticize. We will always help one another and be a friend to each other. Teachers need their students to know that not only do they care about their progress in the classroom but also about their feelings and needs. A simple, "Hello Taylor, how ...

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...the typical method you use for reviewing vocabulary words, turn it into a game. You can make the lesson into a race. The class is broken into 2 groups. Each group will get into a straight line. The teacher will read off the definition and the first person in each group to solve correctly will remove themselves from the line. The group who has the least persons left in line will win.

As you can see, creating a safe and positive environment, understanding that all students learn differently, knowing the importance of assessments, knowing the needs of your students, as well as making learning fun are all important factors in becoming a successful teacher and having a successful classroom. Teachers mold the future through impacting their students ' views and understanding. Therefore, teachers should have a passion for teaching our future leaders of the world.

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