The Importance Of A Successful Manager : Frederick Herzberg 's Theory Essay

The Importance Of A Successful Manager : Frederick Herzberg 's Theory Essay

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A successful manager is a manager that motivates performance and manages a relationship efficiently. Concentrating on the needs as motivators are prepared by Frederick Herzberg’s theory, which focuses on the idea on how hygiene factors and satisfier 's or motivators that get accommodated in enabling satisfaction in the workplace.
Stability is critical in everything associated with our lives. For example, when the earth moves around the sun, it is because of the equilibrium force of gravity that stabilizes it in our orbit. So if there isn 't an equilibrium force that got associated with the earth and the sun, the planet earth would have moved away from its orbit, and we would have never existed. It is a challenge for our planet to stay balanced in its orbits. The scenario is also the same as the employee and the motivation to stay stable. Frederick Herzberg worked hard in providing managers to understand the balance in executing their management. He introduced the two-factor theory that had a relation between the attitude of the employee and the motivation associated with the workplace. In doing his research, he distinguished two categories of people some of which were satisfied and other unsatisfied in their workplace. So Herzberg decided to develop this theory to help managers in promoting motivation within the workplace. The two-factor theory was about adhering with satisfaction or just preventing it.
The first factor determined by Frederick Herzberg was hygiene factors; this hygiene gets considered as factors that affect the dissatisfaction at the workplace. These factors get associated with the conditions of the workplace and get focused on lower level needs of an employee. The factors include salary and security, policies r...

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...mplished by applying the principles of expectancy theory in motivating the employees. Managers also consider the effort, performance, and the attractiveness of the outcomes. In helping people achieve their needs and at the same time working on organizational goals.
Managers are supposed to treat people equitably. Providing the concept of equity this happens when employees feel that they are being treated fairly, they feel motivated; likewise, treating people inequitably will have an adverse impact on the motivational effect.
Managers need to apply the two-factor theory in their workplace. These factors will not only enable them to be successful managers, but also be an encouraging personality who meets the expectations of employees. This enables managers to design a better place for their workplace and provide positive outcomes or goals for their organizations.

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