Essay on The Importance of a Sense of Purpose in an Organization

Essay on The Importance of a Sense of Purpose in an Organization

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We have all been there before; part of an organization where the leader exhibits negative leadership behavior that creates apathy in followers and hinders the organization from realizing its full potential. I am part of an organization whose leader has allowed it to flounder without a meaningful purpose and in parallel, uses a strict system of contingent reward to drive behavior; resulting in high attrition and no appreciable innovation in the last year. I recommend that the leader inspire the organization with a renewed sense of purpose that incorporates innovation as a central theme and that the reward system be restructured to allow for more self-directed behavior.
Imagine you were planning a road trip with your family and were enlisting their help to plan for the trip. Would they be just as excited if the destination were Death Valley as they would if it were Disneyland? Probably not. I am part of an organization whose primary customer is our software sales force that we support with investments to help them build a healthy pipeline of deals and grow revenue for a certain segments of the business. There are a number of long-term investments we make that are not valued by our sales force executives, because they have almost nothing to do with closing business in the next twelve months; rather they are needed to help our customers upgrade to the latest releases and to plan for the future health of the business. Many of the individuals in the organization hear the consistent barrage of negative comments from the sales force regarding the investments we make and as a result, the organizational purpose seems disconnected from the more mainstream and near-term needs of our sales executives. In essence, the rest o...

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...nd mastery. The leader of this team needs to inspire the organization with a renewed sense of purpose that incorporates innovation as a central theme and restructures the reward system to allow for more self-directed behavior; because the journey and the destination matter. Luckily, the only person I need to convince to take action is me.

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