The Importance Of A Public School System Essays

The Importance Of A Public School System Essays

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A public school system was established to give an education. It was designed to make good people, to make good citizens, and to make each person his or her personal best. Is that really what is happening at pubic school places though? When a child has to concentrate on so many other things such as sports, social status, dances, games, it is hard to stay focused on the main goal, which is to get an education. A child can obtain an education without having to go a mandated building that claim to educate children but in reality are shaping children to all be synced with one another and keep each child from forming their own thoughts and minimizing their ability to be critical thinkers.
In a public schools system there are clubs, advanced classes, lower classes, clicks. There are many categories that classify each student into a group. That group is usually determined early on when getting schooled. What if a student is classified into a group he or she does not really identify with? They are forced to stay with the group unless they change drastically. If they change dramatically, students are usually judged and made fun of. That’s in schools everywhere. Should that really be part of getting an education? Should being careful of everything you say and do be part of getting an education. Supposedly the purpose is to make each individual independent but it is hard to make each student independent when they are dependent on the groups they hang out with, the group they were classified into.
Even standardized testing got brought into the public school system. In order to pass this testing done in elementary and secondary school, every single student needs to have the same knowledge. It does not take into account any disabilities, any...

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...what he should be thinking or feeling. After he was out of prison people were astonish he did not get his education through a public school system but that he was self taught.
In Gattos ' article he mentions that children have been kept as children. It is why our societies have made divorce laws so easy, people no longer think or work on relationships. Credit consolidations have been made for everyone, not letting them think of all the debt that they have caused. (5. Gatto) Nobody is thinking critically for themselves anymore, they are letting other people tell you exactly what to think.
Critical thinking should be instilled into public school systems. It should not just be about standardized testing. They should not be lead to memorize things but rather to learn things needed to succeed in life not just within those years that they attend public school systems.

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