The Importance Of A Preference For Either Community Within The Terms Of Associating With One Group Or The Other

The Importance Of A Preference For Either Community Within The Terms Of Associating With One Group Or The Other

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ypically, they don’t show a preference for either community in terms of associating with one group or the other. (Holcomb, 67)

On the webpage “Hearing HQ”(1) we learn about Katie Leclerc and her childhood. It is stated that she is part of a small tightknit family. We learn that Katie was bullied by three girls. She has reported “that the girls would poke her with sticks and spread vicious rumors. One even threatened her life.” Katie stated “how she was terrified to go to school.” Finally, Katie’s family moved from Colorado to California for a new start. It was there that Katie was inspired to start acting and fell in love with acting after a lead role in Annie in a junior high show. Shortly later, she started starring in commercials and music videos like Rascal Flats, and TV shows like The Big Bang Theory and CSI. Now she is starring in Switched at Birth as a Deaf teenager who was switched at birth. Most people when they are bullied aren’t able to react as positively as Katie. I feel that is why she inspires all people to stand up to their bullies and to communicate to their families their problems and what’s going on. Her story of how her family moved to give her a new start is motivating. If Katie would have just let her bullies rule her life, she might never had found her passion for acting or become the inspiration that she is.

Katie’s own partial hearing loss caused by Ménière’s disease, only diagnosed at the age of 20, helps her relate to her character Daphne on Switched at Birth. In an interview February 2014 by Robin Hilmantel with


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...because she has a foot in both worlds. She can relate to both. Of course she has an advantage that she can communicate vocally, which not every Deaf person can do, but she chooses to be fluent in both languages- English and ASL. She doesn’t fear her future of being deaf and possibly being unable to speak due to her Ménière 's disease because she is fluent in ASL and knows that she will be able to communicate all of her needs, feelings and emotions. She wants to continue educating both communities about each other


and ensuring that each have access to knowledge and free communication. She is an example and inspiration to both communities and should be recognized for that.

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