The Importance Of A Positive Work Environment Essays

The Importance Of A Positive Work Environment Essays

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As a leader, it is important to create a positive work environment that is based on honesty, trust, and values. The return from creating an environment that is based on these traits will lead to increased employee motivation, communication, productivity, cohesiveness, collaboration, and commitment that will move the organization forward to achieve great things. It is important as a leader to bring your employees together to work as part of a team and create a positive, healthy work environment. Health care leaders should strive to support and encourage both individual and team participation on all levels to create efficiencies within the workplace (Dye, 2010). Honesty, trust, and values are important concepts in creating an effective team that works to achieve organizations goals; however, success cannot be achieved if its members do not want to be a part of its success, such as Doug Wright 's team. They fail to appropriately communicate, have dysfunctional behaviors, and fail to cooperate or share information with each other. If Doug is not able to control the current situation involving his employees, his organization will be led to failure. He must find a way to rid the negativity and increase his employees efforts that are essential for organization growth and efficiency.
If I were Roxanne, I would inform Doug that his idea to "fire all of them and start fresh" is not the right approach to solving the situation. Even though Doug is frustrated and dissatisfied with his team, he needs to put that aside and put forth the effort on building an efficient team; however, it will take time and dedication, but in the end, there will be a huge payoff if he succeeds. As a new CEO, he may be viewed by many with skepticism and w...

... middle of paper ...

..., which is resulting in his employees not cooperating, sharing information, and collaborating with one another (Dye, 2010). As long as Doug 's employees continue to not trust, the issues with continue and may even become worse and become detrimental to the organization. In addition, Doug recently became the new CEO of his company and the old leaders were let go without any reasoning. This can cause some of the employees to become hesitant and lose all trust within their organization because there was a lack of communication and secrecy and some may feel as though the organization thinks they are not worthy enough to have the information disclosed to them.
Trust is essential on any organization and Doug needs to find a way to instill trust into his employees. Once this has been implemented, the chances of him leading an organization to success will increase.

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