The Importance Of A Positive Lifestyle With Deep Meaning Essays

The Importance Of A Positive Lifestyle With Deep Meaning Essays

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The need to lead a positive lifestyle with deep meaning can be met through the adoption of various religious methods. A highly prominent religion and lifestyle is that of the Christian faith. Living a Christian life is a highly rewarding process due to the meaning and understanding it provides. It is a life that requires dedication and devotion to theology, and subsequently, is not easy to live. Over time, many highly important rites and rituals have emerged, serving great meaning in the lives of Christian adherents. It is quite often that these rituals serve a deep symbolic purpose to guide followers’ lives in a particularly subtle way. One such rite is the Liturgy of Baptism. Baptism is usually the first of the sacraments that are completed. It dates back to the activities of St John the Baptist, and predates Christianity. It should be mentioned that the majority of Christian denominations perform baptism, however the Salvation Army and the Society of friends or ‘Quakers’ do not. Baptism, in itself, is the ritual of pouring water onto a baptismal candidate, to initiate them into the faith. Baptism, filled with hugely important symbolism, is a very profound aid for the Christian individual and community. Freeing the candidate of sin, introducing them to the faith, promoting the Christian lifestyle and allowing candidates to affirm their faith, are some of the paramount methods that Baptism helps the Christian community and individuals lead a potent Christian life.

The Rite of Baptism aids the individual 's ability to live a Christian life, as it frees them from sin, and introduces them to the faith. It is believed that the act of Baptism is symbolic of the adherent turning away from evil, and consequently, become free of their s...

... middle of paper ... to continuously analyse their knowledge, ethics and behaviour with the conventional standards of the community in these areas. It is this dissection of faith that will allow each individual, and in that essence, the community, to live a better Christian life, closer to what is implied at by Christianity.

In conclusion, the rite of Baptism takes a highly important role in the shaping and maintenance of a Christian life. Baptism does this by using symbolism to link deep theological concepts to the act, encouraging compassion and cohesion of the community by highlighting the key teachings of Christianity, and allowing candidates to affirm their faith, allowing them to become a member of the church, letting them understand the normative ethos of the community. By these coexisting methods, the Rite of Baptism proves to be a highly meaningful guide to a Christian life.

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