The Importance Of A Positive Learning Environment Essay

The Importance Of A Positive Learning Environment Essay

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1. A positive learning environment was established because the students were given the opportunity to take ownership of their learning. Almost all of the learning I witnessed in practicum occurred through collaboration and self-discovery; there was very little lecture time that happened in the classroom. Seating the students in groups so they could discuss with each other and provide help when necessary fostered this collaborative classroom style. Also, the students each had their own roles in the classroom so they were personally invested in the class as a whole and how things operated on a daily basis.
My cooperating teacher mainly disciplined by taking away classroom money. (This is further described in question 2). The student’s misbehavior or failure to complete a necessary action resulted in the student owing the teacher money. Forgetting to get their assignment book signed cost a student $5 while leaving the classroom without permission cost $15. More serious punishments deemed more severe consequences. One girl lied about misplacing another student’s assignments, and for this she lost her classroom job altogether. Another student mishandled a laptop and dropped it so per school rules she got a detention. I believe the teacher chose to discipline in this way because it is objective in that the same misbehavior always resulted in the same consequence. All types of discipline I witnessed were effective, and the students understood their wrongdoing. My cooperating teacher also knew that the students took their classroom money seriously, so it she took it away, they would learn from their mistake so they would not lose money in the future. The teacher evaluated the effectiveness in that the students were remorseful and usually...

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...lso a great deal that happens between teachers. Teachers must work together especially with rotating classes like gym, art, library, EL, or gifted learning. It fascinates me that so many school days run smoothly since there is so much that goes into them.
This affects my perspectives in that I now better understand the importance of cooperating with administrators, teachers, staff, volunteers, and parents. Teaching was never intended to be a solo effort, and I cannot try to make it one because that will be impossible and make things much more difficult than what is necessary. It is also important establish good relationships with my coworkers even if I do not want to. It is unprofessional to argue and be rude to other teachers, so for the betterment of my students, I should seek to maintain some kind of positive working relationship with other teachers and faculty.

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